Adult Diptheria & Tetanus Booster








-  Used in tetanus prone wounds

-  Combination vaccine of Diptheria toxoid & Tetanus toxoid

-  Store between 2-8oC, freezing destroys vaccine



-  Vaccination of children 8yrs+

-  Vaccination of adults who have prev received 3+ doses 1o immunisation for Diptheria & Tetanus

-  Booster dose for everyone at 50yrs (free)

-  Not for use as primary immunisation against Diptheria or Tetanus

-  Tetanus prone injuries in >5yrs since last dose

-  Can use dTpa instead if ADT not available

-  If previous primary immnisation is in doubt also give Tetanus IgG IM

-  Tetanus prone wound = compound fracture, bites, deep penetrating wounds, foreign bodies, wound contaminated w soil, dust or manure, wound w pus or extensive tissue damage



-  Do not give to children <5yrs

-  Small risk anaphalaxis



-  Pre-immunisation check list

-  0.5ml IM injection via 21G needle

-  2IU+ Diptheria toxoid

-  20IU+ Tetanus toxoid

-  AlOH, NaCl, NaOH