Automated Implantable Cardiodefibrillator








-  Same components as pacemaker (2 leads)

-  Surgically impanted

-  Constantly monitor heart rhythm

-  Initiates signal when detects pre-programed abnormality

-  Paces in bradycardia

-  Tachycardias

-  Burst pacing if stable

-  Defibrillates if severe

-  Cardioverts in AF

-  Patient should be warned of sensation: Kick in the chest



-  Pts at high risk of sudden cardiac death: sustained VT, AMI



-  Will set off metal detectors (airport..)

-  MRI contraindicated

-  Caution w medications

-  Inform prior to medical/dental procedures

-  Regular monitoring of device

-  Reprogramming via transcutaneous radio signals