Abdominal Ultrasound





-  Ultrasound imaging of abdomen



-  Transabdominal (TA)

-  Non-invasive

-  Limited use in obese patients

-  Overlying bowel gas limits views esp CBD & pancreas



-  Abdominal pain

-  Suscpected appendicitis in pt not suitable for CT (children, young females)

-  Chronic liver disease



-  Patients needs to be fasted for 4hrs+

-  Gall bladder will remain full for ease of visualisation

-  Less bowel gas

-  Patient supine

-  Pancreas: mass, echotexture, pseudocyst

-  Liver: mass, fatty liver, cirrhosis, portal hypertension, haemangioma

-  Gall bladder: mass, gall stones, wall thickness (cholecystitis)

-  Kidneys: mass, urolithiasis, hydronephrosis, +/-

-  Spleen: size (splenomegaly), echotexture, mass, haematoma, varicosies (portal hypertension)

-  Aorta: AAA

-  Fluid/Ascities: Morrisons pouch, RIF, LIF

-  Intra-abdominal lymph nodes

-  Appendix not routinely scanned for