Feeding Babies





-  Target for 150-160ml/kg/day

-  Paeds Feeding Hx


New Born

-  Breast feeding preferable in most newborns

-  Exclusive breast feeding for 6/12

-  Then addition of solids + breast feeding

-  Up to 12/12+ breast feeding

-  Do not give newborns liquids other than breast milk or formula until 6/12

-  Unnecessary & interferes w desire for breast milk

-  Separate guideline if premature: premature feeding guidelines



-  Solids introduced at around 6/12

-  1 new food at a time wo additives (salt, sugar..)

-  New food added after several days to ensure nil reaction

-  Begin w low allergenic foods: cereal, rice, vegetables, fruit..

-  Increase texture & quantity as tolerated

-  Indications infant is ready for solids

-  Opens mouth when food offered

-  Reaching to grab spoons or food

-  Introducing too early may stress digestive system & lead to poor feeding

-  Meat introduced 6-7/12

-  Expect corresponding change in stools

-  Peanuts >4yrs

-  Popcorn, carrot, apples >15months: risk of aspiration

-  Introduce cup for drinking at 7-8/12

-  Delay cows milk as main drink until 12/12






Introduction of Solids – RCH: Department of Nutrition & Food Services