Bladder Scan







-  US scan of bladder to determine volume

-  Determine success of trial of void

-  Reduces incidence of IDC related UTIs



-  Not accurate at volume > 999mls

-  Measaures fluid in suprapubic region incl: ascities, haematoma, lymphocoele

-  Poor quality results if scarring or obese



-  Pt supine

-  Select sex of pt on scanner

-  Male for women post hysterectomy

-  US Gel

-  Probe scanned over bladder

-  Take 2-3 readings




-  Residual urine vol post void

-  Verify empty bladder

-  Dx of urinary retention & bladder distension

-  ID blockage of IDC

-  Ass of bladder vol after IDC removal

-  Trial of void



-  Post void residual volume

-  Expected <150ml

-  Correlate w clinical sign for indication of IDC

-  3-500mls may be accceptable