Blood Film

Last updated 03.11.12


Red Blood Cells (RBCs)

- Size: normally same size as lymphocyte nucleus

- Morphology

- Color


- Reticulocytes

-  Increased size compared to RBC --> increased haemolysis


- Target Cells (Codocyte): bullseye RBC with bright white center & dark ring

-  Cells lack iron

-  Liver disease (especially with obstructive jaundice), splenectomy, hypochromic aneamia (haemoglobinopathies, IDA)


Target Cells


Target Cells


- Burr Cells (Echinocyte): CRF, uraemia, liver disease


- Spurr Cells (Acanthocyte): liver disease, lipid disorders, haemangiosarcoma, DIC


- Sickle Cells (Drepanocyte): hereditary sickle cell disorder


- Anisopoikilocytosis:

- Poikilocytosis

-  Bite Cells: haemolytic anaemia

-  Spehrocytes

-  Tear Drop


- Inclusion Bodies:

-  Heinz Bodies: denatured Hb within RBC

-  Alpha thalassaemia

-  G6PD Deficiency + anti-oxidant drugs (ie: antimalarials)

-  Chronic liver disease


- Spherocytes: spherical shaped RBCs

-  Large: haemolytic anaemia

-  Small: severe burns

-  Variable: hereditary spherocytosis





- Smudge Cells: Chronic Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (CLL)