Brief Intervention







-  Technique used to reduce substance abuse

-  EtOH harmuful or hazardous use

-  May help engage dependant users (EtOH, Opiate)

-  Used mostly for EtOH but also for Opiates & other substances

-  Brief advice/counseling at point of detection

-  Upto 30% reduction in drinking

-  May last up to 2 yrs

-  May have accumulative effect (repeated sessions)


Alcohol Hx

Drugs & EtOH Hx




-  Feedback

-  Problems experienced/likely to occurr

-  Listen

-  Readiness to change, past attempts

-  Advice

-  Unequivocal

-  Benefits of change

-  Better sleep, more energy, lose weight, no hangovers, better memory, more fit, better mood, less family problems, more $

-  Reduced risk of HTN, liver damage, brain damage, cancer, drink driving, injury (self & others)

-  Goals

-  NHMRC limits, abstinence, reduction

-  Strategies

-  Practical methods of achieving goals

-  Drink only w food, drink water to quench thirst between EtOH drinks, low EtOH beer, smaller glasses, avoid pub after work, avoid/limit time w heavy drinking friends, my doctor told me to ease off

-  Plan activities for times you usually would drink, when stressed exercise or walk, explore new interests