Chlamydia Trichomatis

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-  G- cocci bacteria

-  Difficult to stain (Gram-indeterminate)

-  Obligate intracellular

-  Only infects human epithelial cells

-  Transmission via contact

-  Esp genitourinary contact (STI)



-  UTI: urethritis, proctitis, infertility, trachoma, vaginal discharge

-  Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV)

-  Men: prostatitis, epididymitis

-  Women: cervicitis, PID, ectopic pregnancy

-  Neonates: trachoma, pneumonia

-  Reiters syndrome



-  Must have swabs of infected site to include cells Cytology: poor sensitivity

-  Culture

-  Most specific

-  Iodine staining inclusion bodies

-  ELISA: not as good as culture

-  Serology: no DDx current or past, IgM may indicate current infection esp in Neonate

-  Nucleic acid probe: sensitive & specific, may replace culture

-  First void urine of day