Subtotal Colectomy







-  Amount on colon resected depends on site of lesion & blood supply

-  Colon is supplied by superior mesenteric a. (SMA), inferior mesenteric a. (IMA) & bracnhes on internal iliac a.

-   SMA: middle colic a., right colic a., ileocolic a.

-   IMA: left colic a., sigmoid a., sup. rectal a.

-   Internal Iliac: inferior & middle rectal a.



-  Bowel Ca



-  Right Hemicolectomy

-  Left Hemicolectomy

-  Transverse Hemicolectomy

-  Sigmoid Colectomy (High Anterior Resection)

-  Low Anterior Resection

-  Ultra Low Anterior Resection

-  Abdominopelvic Resection




Right Hemicolectomy



-  Caecum & descending colon removed

-  +/- terminal ileum

-  Area supplied by right colic & iliecolic a.





Left Hemicolectomy



-  Descending colon

-  Area supplied by left colic a.





Transverse Hemicolectomy



-  Transverse colon

-  Area supplied by middle colic a.





Sigmoid Colectomy (High Anterior Resection)



-  Sigmoid colon +/- proximal rectum





Low Anterior Resection



-  Sigmoid colon & proximal 2/3 of rectum





Ultra Low Anterior Resection



-  Sigmoid colon & rectum





Abdominopelvic (AP) Resection



-  Rectum & anus

-  Leaves permanent stoma (colostomy)