Contrast Imaging

Last updated 20.09.12





-  Used in many CTs & some MRIs

-  Required for angiograms ie: CTPA



-  U&E: renal function: CRF, ARF

-  Contrast agent usually renally cleared

-  If eGFR low must consider wo contrast: seek Renal opinion

-  +/- NAC

-  Previous reactions to contrast

-  DM Type 2

-  Metformin must be ceased day of procedure & withheld for 48 hrs

-  Increased risk of metabolic acidosis (side effect of contrast agent)

-  IV access: usually 18 gauge

-  Must be a Dr present whilst administering IV contrast

-  May be Radiologsit, A/H likely Dr who orders test

-  Mx of reactions to contrast