Drawing Up Drugs for Anaesthesia







-  Drawing up drugs prior to GA

-  Drugs should be labeled or distinct (ie: Propofol)

-  Keep drug vials together for same pt to check correct drugs & doses

-  Prior to drawing up each drug check 5 rights, use by date, pt allergies



-  Fentanyl 100mcg as 2ml into 2ml syringe (not diluted) + label

-  Solution: 1ml = 50mcg

-  Propofol 200mg as 20ml into 20ml syringe (not diluted, no label as distinct white)

-  Solution: 1ml = 10mg; 10ml = 100mg

-  Morphine 10mg as 1ml into 10ml syringe + 9ml NS + label

-  Solution: 1ml = 1mg

-  Vecuronium 4mg + 1ml solvent into

-  Solution: 1ml = 4mg

-  Use syrine with pink driver for all neuromuscular blocking agents

-  Atropine 600–1200mcg + Neostigmine 2.5–5mg into same syringe

-  Required for reversal if using neuromuscular blocking agent

-  Metoraminol +/- Adrenaline

-  Used for intraoperative hypertension (w or wo tachycardia)

-  +/- Antiemetics: Ondansetron, Metoclopramine, Dexamethasone