Emergency Department Hx

(ED Hx)







-  Work out DDx

-  Consults as indicated by HPI

-  Make sure adequate work up



-  Standard

-  DM, HTN, Hyperlipidaemia, COPD, Asthma, Epilepsy

-  DonŐt forget



-  Pt may be known to a Staff Specialist

-  Find out from

-  GPs notes

-  Discharge summaries

-  Follow up letters

-  Admit under their care if relevant admission



-  Used for incoming paeds emergency to precalculate doses

-  Weight (kg)

-  Energy (Joules) for DC cardioversion: ?4kJ/kg

-  Tube (ETT) size: >1yrs old = age/4 +4

-  Fluid bolus: 10-20ml/kg

-  Adrenaline: 10mcg/kg for ALS

-  Glucose: 2ml/kg 10% Dextrose for hypoglycaemia