Emla Cream






-  Topical anaesthetic (LA) containing Lidocaine 25mg/g & Prilocaine 25mg/g



-  Depth & quality of analgesia dependant on duration & dose

-  Typically if left 60min will last 60min after removal



-  Used prior to medical procedures to produce local anaesthetic effect

-  Particularly for children requiring cannulation or venepuncture



-  Apply to potential sites (several) with approx 2g at each site

-  For children 6-12months total amount not >2g

-  Applied 60-120min prior to use

-  Do not leave on for >4hrs

-  Wrapped to aid absorption (tegaderm, opsite..)



Side Effects

-  Vasoconstriction &/or vasodilation

-  Local irritation/allergic reaction

-  Increased methaemoglobin levels



-  Not for children <6months (use Sucrose)

-  Not for open wounds

-  Careful use if concurrent Rx with sulfonamides