Gated Heart Pool Scan (GHPS)

Last updated 20.09.12





-  Measurement of ventricular function



-  Measurement of ventricular function

-  Left ventricle ejection fraction (LVEF)

-  Wall motion: hypokinesis, dyskinesis



-  Can be perfomed at rest or during exercise

-  Commonly used for

-  Cornoary artery disease (IHD)

-  CCF

-  Assessment of coronary interventions

-  Assesing cardiac function when on chemo

-  Typically 16 images of the heart throught the cardiac cycle

-  First pass scan looks at tracer as it travels through body

-  Indicates anatmomy (ie: congenital abnormalities/variations)

-  Gated scan times heart w camera



-  Cannula inserted + blood drawn

-  Stannous pyrophosphate added to RBCs to prepare for labeling

-  RBCs labeled w Technechium radionucleotide tracer (Tc-99m)

-  ECG connected to allowing gating (timing of camera w heart beat)

-  Labelled blood reinjected through cannula

-  Gamma camera takes images of heart (45 min +/-)



-  LVEF 50-80% = N

-  Wall motion: hypokinesis, dyskinesis

-  Left Anterior Oblique w Caudal/Cranial tilt (LAO)

-  View of: septum, apex, inferiolateral & lateral walls

-  Left Lateral Decubitus (LL)

-  View of: anterior & inferior walls, apex

-  Right Anterior Oblique (Ant)

-  View of: anterolateral wall