Gowning & Gloving for Theatre

Last updated 20.09.12





-  Method of applying sterile surgical gown & gloves for procedures



-  Infection control



-  Sterile pack

-  Sterile gown

-  Sterile towel

-  Sterile gloves +/- x2


Gowning Procedure

-  Dry hands using sterile towel

-  Pick up using one corner

-  Use one corner to dry hand

-  Use opposite corner to dry opposite hand

-   Dry properly between dingers so gloves dont stick

-  Pick up gown by edges of shoulders & allow to fold out

-  Put arms through shoulders keeping arms elevated

-  Get assistance from non-sterile staff to tie rear ties of gown

-  Keep hands within edges of cuffs



Gloving Procedure

-  Place out sterile gloves

-  Glove thumb on radial top side w fingers pointing towards body

-  Slip thumb still under cuff into cuff of glove

-  Using hand in cuff on opposite side flip glove over fingers

-  Pull cuff & glove down over fingers

-  Opposite hand similar to first w assistance of sterile gloved hand

-  +/- double glove depending on procedure

-  Tie waist band

-  Pass longest tie to sterile staff member

-  Rotate towards shortest tie side 360o

-  Tie waist band on side







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