Hepatitis B Infection in Pregnancy

Last updated 03.11.12



-  Infection with or exposure to Hepatitis B virus during pregnancy



- Routine serology in antenatal screening



-  Hepatitis B virus


Associated S/S




-  Infection in pregnancy does not increase maternal mortality or morbidity

-  Acute HBV infection increases risk of preterm labour

-  90% neonates born to HBsAg & HBeAg postive mothers become carriers wo immunisation & immunoglobulin




-  Hep B serology

-  Part of routine antenatal screening

-  HBsAg positive: current infection

-  HBeAg positive: active replication = high risk of transmission

-  LFT

-  U&E



-  All neonates offered HBV immunisation at birth+

-  Should not be delayed >7 days

-  HBV Infected

-  Labour: avoid FBS, FSE

-  HBV immunisation to neonate

-  HBIG (Immunoglobulin) within 12hrs of birth

-  Breast feeding does not increase risk of transmission if neonate immunised & received HBIG

-  Post partum F/U for Hepatitis Mx

-  Notification to DHS (notifiable disease)






Hepatitis B in Pregnancy, King Edward Memorial Hospital, October 2008