Home Medicines Review (HMR)

Last updated 11.04.13





-  Medicare funded assessement of patients medications performed by a pharmacist in the patient residence



-  Comprehensive review of patients medications

-  Assist patients at home maximise benefits of medications & prevent medication related problems

-  Report to GP with medications & recommendations

-  Aims to increase quality use of medicines & reduce adverse events

-  Medicare funded = $200.92 per assessment (2013)



-  Must be conducted in the patients home

-  Unless pre-approval by DoH

-  Must be conducted by accredited pharmacist

-  Copy of report goes to GP & community pharmacy

-  Not available to hospital in-pts or residents in aged care facilities

-  Repeat plans only if significant changes in medications

-  Not recommended on a regular basis only as indicated

-  Maximum 1 per month



-  Assessed as appropriate by GP

-  >12 medications

-  Patient has difficulty managing own medications

-  Patient sees a number of different doctors

-  Recent D/C from hospital (ie: 1 month)

-  Change in medical condition

-  Medications with narrow therapeutic index

-  Symptoms of adverse drug reactions

-  Sub-therapeutic response to therapy



-  Indentification of patient who would benefit from medication review

-  Assessment for suitability by GP

-  Consent from patient

-  Referral to Pharmacist/Pharmacy

-  Accredited pharmactist vistis patient in their home

-  Review co-ordinated by service provider

-  Time & address confirmed with patient

-  Pharmacist conducts review & prepares a report with recommendations

-  Patient & GP discuss changes

-  Implementation of changes as required