JJ Stent

(Double J Stent, Ureteric Stent)

<Management>   <Procedure>




-  Rubber stent placed between renal pelvis & bladder for maintaining patency of ureter



-  Curved at both ends = JJ Stent

-  Proximal end in renal pelvis

-  Distal end in bladder

-  Used to dilate & maintain patency of ureter

-  May remain in situ for 3-4 months



-  Obstructive uropathy

-  Urolithiasis with obstruction (hydroureter &/or hydronephrosis)

-  Ureteric obstruction from tumour



-  Under GA or Sedation

-  Retrograde: insertion via cystoscopy + ureteroscopy over guide wire

-  Antegrade: inserted via nephrostomy tube

-  Placement confirmed w imaging: ie: X-ray KUB