Alginate Dressing

(Calcium/Sodium Alginate, Kaltostat)







-  Sterile dressing of fibrous fleece of sodium & claclium agininc acid used for surface wounds



-  Absorbent & non-woven

-  Come is flat pieces or ribbon/rope

-  Sodium alginate 80:20 Calcium alginate

-  Derived from algae &/or seaweed

-  Exudate (containing sodium) absorbed by fiber which forms gel

-  Frequency

-  Should not be left >7 days

-  Frequency of change depends on exudate of wound

-  Can be used of ?infected wounds but changed daily



-  Heavily exudative wounds

-  Chronic wounds: venous or arterial ulcers, pressure sores, fungating Ca

-  Acute wounds: SSG graft donor sites, abrasions, lacerations

-  Full thickness burns



-  Cute to shape of wound or folded

-  Held in place w secondary dressing

-  Removal after soaking w saline







Pic (flat):

Pic (rope):