Knee Joint

Last updated 20.05.13




-  Joint of lower limb


Clinical Relevance

-  Knee joint examination


Anatomical Features

-  Class: Synovial

-  Subclass: Modified hinge

-  Bony Contact: Lateral and medial femoral condyles with tibial condyles

-  Lateral collateral ligament (Fibular collateral ligament)

-  Thin strong band on lateral aspect of knee joint

-  Lies superficial to joint capsule

-  Passes from lateral epicondyle of femur to head of fibula

-  Medial collateral ligament (Tibial collateral ligament)

-  Wide strong band at medial aspect of joint capsule

-  Attaches to medial meniscus

-  Passes from medial epicondyle of femur to medial condyle of tibia

-  Medial Meniscus (Semilunar?)

-  Lateral Meniscus (Semilunar?)

-  Anterior Cruciate Ligament

-  Posterior Cruciate Ligament

-  Transverse Ligament

-  Oblique Popliteal Ligament

-  Coronary Ligament






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