Measles, Mumps & Rubella Vaccine (MMR, Priorix)

Last updated 20.09.12



-  Live attenuated Rubella virus



-  Main intent of Rubella vaccination is to prevent congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) in pregnancy

-  Single dose produces antibody response in >95%

-  Level of antibodies produced are lower than natural infection

-  Antibodies persist for 16yrs+

-  Safe in breast feeding



-  Part of routine vaccination in Australia

-  Given at 12months old & 4yrs

-  Measles

-  Mumps

-  Rubella

-  Non-immune women of child bearing age

-  Given postpartum in mothers with low to no immunity in pregnancy



-  Pregnancy



-  Women should not become pregnant for 28days+


Side Effects

-  Usually 1-3 weeks post vaccination

-  Fever, sore throat

-  Lymphadenopathy

-  Rash

-  Arthralgia, arthritis



-  0.5ml S/C or IM (1 ampule)

-  Can be given simultaneously w other vaccines but if not concurrently must wait 4 weeks

-  Routinely x2 doses 4 weeks+ apart in adults

-  If seroconverts after x1 dose no further dose required

-  If poor seroconversion after x2 doses further doses unlikely to be effective






The Australian Immunisaton Handbook, 9th Edition, 26/03/2008