Notificaton of Drug Dependant Person

Last updated 13.02.13





-  Notification to Department of Health of a drug dependant person



-  Permits are required BEFORE being able to prescribe Schedule 8 & 9 drugs unless

-  Hospital in-pt

-  Resident in aged care service

-  Prisoner being treated in prison up to 7 days after release

-  Working in a multiple practitioner clinic if

-   Treatment provided at clinic

-   Or another practitioner holds a permit at the clinic for the same drug

-   & treatment in accordance with above permit

-  Consider obtaining information from Prescription Shopping Information Service (Medicare) 1800 631 181

-  6 month record of

-   Number of prescriptions & quantity

-   Calculated daily doses

-   Number of different prescribers of each PBS item



-  Intention to prescribe drug of dependance (Schedule 8 &/or 9)

-  Hospital in-patient requiring drug of dependance



-  Notification of drug dependant person to DHS

-  Online:

-   Pharmacotherapy – Forms – Smartform

-  If in-pt also requires termination of prescription to convert back to community supply






Victorian Department of Health, Drugs & Poisons Regulation Group: Notification of Drug Dependant Persons