Pelvic Organ Prolapse Quantification (POP-Q)

Last updated 20.09.12





-  Objective system for describing, quantifying & staging pelvic support & prolapse in women



-  Part of gynaecological pelvic examination for assement of prolapse

-  6 points for measurement & 3 landmarks



-  Lithotomy position

-  Measurements taken with patient straining

-  Hymen used as the fixed point of reference

-  Hymen = 0

-  Proximal to hymen = positive in cm

-  Distal to hymen = negative in cm

-  Aa = 3cm proximal to hymenal ring on anterior vagina wall

-  Ba = lowest point of prolapse between Aa & C

-  C = anterior apex of vagina

-  gh (genital hiatus) = middle of urethral meatus to posterior hymenal ring

-  pb (perineal body) = posterior aspect of gh to midanal opening

-  tvl (total vaginal length) = hymenal ring to D

-  Ap = 3cm proximal to hymenal ring on posterior vaginal wall

-  Bp = lowest point of prolapse between Ba & D

-  D = posterior apex of vagina (pouch of Douglas)

-  If previous hysterectomy use point C

-  Measurements noted in grid as below








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