Preterm Delivery Corticosteroids

Last updated 20.09.12





-  Administration of IM corticosteroids for potential preterm delivery during pregnancy

-  Single course x2 doses

-  Not currently recommended if multiple gestation



-  Single course should be considered routine for preterm deliveries

-  Most units given routinely 23-34/40

-  Benefit between 28-35 (36) weeks

-  No improvement in <28/40 gestations

-  NO increased risk of

-  Maternal death

-  Chorioamnionitis

-  Puerperal sepsis

-  Childhood neurodevelopmental delay

-  Is associated w reduced

-  Neonatal death

-  Best effect if delivered prior to 48hrs after first dose

-  RDS

-  Accelerate foetal lung maturation

-  Preterm infants have quantitative & qualitative def of surfactant predisoposing to RDS

-  Best effect between 24hrs after first dose & 7/7

-  Interventricular haemorrhage

-  Major protective cerbral vasoconstrictive effects

-  NEC

-  Respiratory support: ventilation, CPAP, O2

-  Systemic infections in first 48/24 of life

-  NICU admissions

-  Women more likely to have glucose intolerance

-  Possbile increased insulin resistance in adulthood (of neonate)

-  Evidence less clear for repeat doses

-  Reduced RDS & morbidity

-  NO reduction in mortality

-  Decreased mean body size at birth but no difference on D/C from hospital & early childhood

-  Both Betamethasone & Dexamethasone have been used

-  Betamethasone better effect for reducing RDS

-  More puerperal sepsis but less intraventricular haemorrhage w Dexamethasone



-  Anticipated premature delivery

-  Effective in PPROM & pregnancy related HTN



-  Betamethasone 11.4mg IM x2 doses 24hrs apart

-  Reduces neonatal death even if delivered <24hrs after first dose

-  OR Dexamethasone 6mg IM 12/24 for x4 doses

-  Consult Obstetrician if considering repeat doses 1 week later if women remains at risk for preterm delivery <34/40






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