Squamous Cell Carcinoma







-  Malignancy of squamous cell layer of epidermis (skin cancer)



-  Second most common skin cancer in Australia

-  Typically occur in areas exposure to heavy sunlight: head, neck, limbs, upper back

-  1% metastasise

-  Higher risk in ear, lower lip, scalp

-  More aggressive in context of CLL

-  Increased incidence in immunosupressed

-  Grow more rapidly than BCCs



-  UVB exposure


Associated S/S

-  Pigmented skin lesion

-  Erythematous squamoproliferative lesions

-  Often tender of palpation

-  May be seen in chronic OM



-  Keratocanthoma

-  Probably low risk type

-  In situ (Bowens disease)

-  Invasive

-  Cervical Ca



-  Dermoscopy

-  Histology

-  Dx & subtypes

-  Clear margins



-  Should be treated as soon as Dx as can grow rapidly

-  Excision

-  Down to fat w 3-5mm lateral margins

-  +/- Radiotherapy

-  For primary lesion if scarring likely to be severe or excision unsuitable

-  Adjuvant if lymphovascular or perineural spread on histo

-  F/U

-  6 monthly for 2yrs after excision

-  Examine for local recurrence & secondary tumours (regional lymph nodes)






eTG: Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC); Feb 2009