Medication Prescriptions (Scripts)

Last updated 20.09.12





-  Legally documented order for medication/s



-  Double check all scripts

-  MIMs if required for drug info

-  +/- PBS paper

-  Should be protected as potential target for illegal activity

-  Should minimise abbreviations

-  Drugs of Dependance

-  Schedule 8

-  Some Schedule 4

-   BZDs

-   Anxiety medications

-   Anabolic steroids



-  Prescribing legislated under Drugs, Poisons & Controlled Substances Act

-  Drugs of dependance require Notification to DHS if patient is drug dependant

-  Schedule 8 drugs require a permit for certain circumstances

-  Authority scripts are required for certain medications or quantities

-  If concerned about overprescribing contact Prescription Shopping Information Service (PSIS)

-  Regulation 24

-  Allows pharmacist to supply original PBS item & all of its repeats at the one time

-  Only applies to a new script not for repeat scripts ie: first dispensing

-   Cannot be asked for when filling a repeat script

-  Criteria

-   Maximum PBS quantity (without repeats) is insufficient for patient

-   Patient must have a chronic illness or live in a remote area with limited access to PBS supplies

-   Patient would suffer hardship trying to get PBS on separate occassions


Presciption Details

-  Name, address & phone number of prescirber

-  Name & address of patient

-  Date prescription written

-  Quantity supplied written in words & figures

-  Maximum repeats in words & figures

-  Directions for dose or use & frequency

-  Details must be hand written for Schedule 8 & 11 drugs

-  Must fill out allergies