Last updated 20.09.12



-  Test performed on mothers or infants when suspected of having infection which might effect outcome of pregnancy ie: birth defects



-  Blood test

-  Heel prick for infants


Tests for TORCH

-  Toxoplasma

-  Crosses the placenta

-  Maternal infection: eye, CNS, muscle

-  Fetal infection: miscarriage, birth defects

-  Risk Factors: exposure to cats, contaminated meat

-  Rubella

-  Crosses the placenta

-  Maternal infection: mild viral illness

-  Fetal infection: congenital heart defects, deafness, visual problems, mental retardation

-  CMV

-  Maternal infection: common viral illness

-  Fetal infection: deafness, mental retardation, hepatitis, pneumonia

-  Risk Factors: breast feeding during infection, infection during delivery

-  HSV

-  Maternal infection: HSV1, HSV2

-  Fetal infection: systemic viral illness, CNS damage

-  Risk Factors: active relapse or primary infection in mother infects foetus on delivery thorugh birth canal