Trial of Void (TOV)

Last updated 20.09.12


-  Removal of IDC to determine the return of function of bladder emptying



-  Should leave IDC in for 3+ days before TOV

-  Esp if pelvic Sx



-  Gynae Sx: colposuspension, tension-free vaginal tape, anterior colporrhaphy, vaginal hysterectomy

-  Uro Sx: Radical prostatectomy

-  Any patient with IDC



-  Failed trial of void: urinary retention

-  Reinsertion of IDC



-  Remove IDC

-  Measure & record volume of urine voided for first 2-3 voids

-  Double or triple voiding each time: repeat void at 10-15min intervals

-  Immediately after last void measure residual volume in bladder (within 10min)

-  Bladder scan

-  Residual Volume

-   ost next void

-  <150ml residual

-   Repeat Bladder scan following next void

-   <150ml again = successful TOV

-  >150ml but <300ml residual

-  In-out catheter & repeat p

-  >300ml residual

-   Failed TOV

-   Reinsert IDC

-  Failed trial of void x1

-  IDC for 1/52 then retry

-  OR consider intermittent self catheterisation

-  Failed trial of void x2

-  IDC for 2/52

-  If fail again for Urology R/V






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